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Laptop Mechanic

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Laptop spare parts and repairs. For all your laptop repairs needs. Shop online at, Chargers, Keyboards, Screens, CPU fans, Covers, DC-Jacks, CCTV and much more      


Laptop Mechanic

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We offer the best quality parts and service at an affordable price.

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful" – Joshua J Marine

Once again we start our week with great uncertainty under the level 3 lockdown rules and

regulations which we all know have been declared unconstitutional and invalid to a great

extent. With great uncertainty comes more challenges. I therefore thought it to be

appropriate to dedicate this week’s blog discussions to one specific life challenge at a time

and exploring different means to overcome it.

The first challenge that immediately comes to my mind is how to market and sell my

homemade products because I so desperately need the income. I know what you are all

thinking…just post it on social media. Well in my experience that is not a very efficient

manner to advertise for the simple reason that once you have scrolled past the specific add

you are interested in, you will never find it again and the potential sale is lost. We therefore

further developed the blog to overcome this challenge by creating the classifieds that will be

dedicated to advertisements that will be properly categorised and searchable.

I therefore invite you to contact us should you wish to advertise your products/business/services, etc. on our blog and build your client base. 

I look forward to reading your ideas and comments. 

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